Television provides the ability to communicate sight, sound, motion and emotion. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a moving picture is worth ten thousand words. Television gives a product a "larger than life" image and by virtue of being on television it is sometimes enough to set a business apart from its competitors.

Ready to get a commercial produced for your company? Who will shoot the video? Write the copy? How will you get it on the air? How much will it cost? Don't get lost in the flurry of questions...Call us!


Wataynikaneyap Power Project NOFNEC 2014 Sponsors and Tradeshow Video NOFNEC 2014 Delegates Video NHC 2014 Builders Challenge Highlights GGE - Highlights 2014 GGE - Gala 2014 2014 OFNTSC Water Symposium Pilatus PC-12 Canadian Corporate Aircraft - Pilatus Centre Canada NOFNEC 2013 Highlight Video Grow Greenstone Expo - Highlights from the 2013 Event "Grandpa Learns To Cook" Family Talk Commercial "Steve Had A Date" Family Talk Commercial "Daddy's Little Girl" Family Talk Commercial NOFNEC 2012 Highlight Video Touch Unwired 2012 Touch New Location Adventure Group Reel EZ Hanging Colour Rack CRTP Training Video Watay Power Video Version 7 SMALL Lookschool Cineplex Video Lookschool Contest Website Intro Video Lookschool 2 - Magic Video Makeover Contest Touch Back To School 2009 Touch Unwired-Rap Up Christmas Contest 2008 Michaels Hair Design and Day Spa Michaels Christmas Promotion


Think of how often you use radio...in your home, car and at work. Your customers probably listen to the radio as much or more than you. If you have a hard-hitting, well-written commercial, then radio can be a great addition to your advertising campaign + radio commercials are some of the most affordable ads on the market.

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